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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 8, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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did bad burritos leave dozen sick? >> south african olympian0s carr pistorius granted bail days after being convicted murder. troubling new information about conditions inside a animal shelter that went up in flames. there's questions about whether the animals should have been inside the facility at all. everyone. it's 9:00 on this taco tuesday. sounds yummy. even this early. >> this is j.r.'s taco tuesday for sure >> that means j.r. you have to bring taco for us on this chilly
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give me time on that guacomole will be extra charge. boston, 41. bedford 37. there's a north wind out there and this will be with us the entire day. it's a breezy day. it's a chilly day. that wind making it feel like low-to-middle 30. feels like 36. worcester, 29. the reason for the north wind and cloud just a glancing blow i think there's a couple of isolated showers down through the south coast as well as the cape. now it looks like it's raining in southeast mass. most of this is not reaching the ground. i think that's the case for the remainder of the morning. there may be a sprinkle or two around metro boston south shore but at this time i think the highest chance of the rain drops will be down in buzzard's bay. and out on the cape. temps today don't move much only low-to-mid 40s. time for fast track traffic. let's get a look at the roadways.
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a little bit slow getting on to starrow cye. 93 southbound into boston has been crawling all morning long. not a big change there. from 495 you're fine, though. on route one you are slowing through summerville crawling into boston as well. the pike is slow from 128 into town. and then 128 southbound very slow over route 2 and then also over the pike on the pike through frame ingham. that's when you really start to slow down moving into boston. then 128 northbound you're slow through newton getting up to the pike. the expressway the braintree split into boston over a half an hour. we'll look at the drive time as door. into the pike from 128 over half an hour. 35 minutes on 93 southbound 128 to zacem bridge. the t looks good. back to you guys. developing now. dozens of student get sick in
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28 boston kid after eating at boston chipotle >> boston college notified the state public health department now the question is this illness related to that nationwide outbreak of e-coli? let's go to victoria warren who has the latest. >> joe has the six points and it's good. boston college basketball players sidelined. >> some of them couldn't get out of bed today. 30 student including several basketball players are sick. boston college said they all ate chipotle and the number could go higher. >> one of my roommates health services right now. she is having some problems >> chipotle closed the door and things down. the restaurant working with the state department of health trying to figure out if there's a link o national link of e-coli
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when we heard, like original, washington and california we knew it would come this way. they can't say yet if e-coli is to blame. we don't have any toast suggest it's related to priest e-coli incident. there's no confirmed cases of a e-coli connected to massachusetts. >> we been helping them out to see how they are doing. there's no word on when the restaurant may reopen. the health department is continuing its investigation. they want to see if there are any additional cases and if there are any cases that are not affiliated with boston college. in brighton, victoria warren, 7news "today in new england." breaking story from overnight now. norfolk district attorney is investigating a burned body that was found in milton. it was found under a bridge on bluehill avenue near the madipan line. there's another breaking story
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a man if his 20s has died after being stabbed in dorchester. happened on nightinggale street. he was stabbed in the chest. the defense for chism trial stand. chism showed remorse for listening to voices in his head that told him to kill colleen ritzer. the jury now must decide if he was in fact hearing voices that day and if they were enough to make him criminally insane. juror could get the case by the end of the week. also this morning some disturbing details coming out now about paxin animal shelter that went up in flame killing dozens of animals inside. there's now some questions about whether those cats and dogs should have been in that facility in the first place. 7news uncovered past problems with this animal shelter.
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temporarily suspend the license. a board halts business at sweet pea animal shelter. it comes after 7 new exlusionsily revealed that state inspector had found the shelter not suitable for animals just days before a fire killed 12 dogs and 30 cats last month. 7news obtained inspection reports spanning the last two years. they document several unannounced visits by inspectors. describing the facility as crowded, with inhumane conditions specifically noting that dog in kennels were too small for them to turn around. cats in cages in the same room with dogs. but perhaps most notable this report dated july 2014 where inspector call the conditions at the shelter a fire hazard. the shelter manager told 7news there were no official complaints made against the facility. it's upsetting. i haven't gone through this. this is first i've known. ist told they unofficial visit.
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wanted to work with us on. >> we were working with them. they requested fire extinguishers, and smoke detector, which we did. officials voted to shutdown sweet pea kennel operation until the business can figure out a plan to safely cage the animal. they plan to reopened. south african olympian oscar pistorius granted bail. he will be under house arrest pending sentencing in april. appeals court overturned the manslaughter conviction finding him guilty of murdering his girlfriend from 2013. his attorneys are appealing. and turns to latest controversial comments by donald trump the republican candidate for president wants to ban muslims from entering the country. his idea is drawing anger and outrage even from republicans. jonathan hall live outside the
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a lot of people with strong opinions on this. a lot of people have strong opinions and certainly the donald is first in line. his statement has angered many people at the islamic center of boston. he read his own statement allowed yesterday as he was delivering a speech in south carolina. donald j. trump calling for total and complete shutdown. of muslims entering the united states. until our country representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> donald trump has not just refugees he's talking tourist, business people, even american muslims travelling abroad. >> we can't let people kill us. they want to kill us. they want to destroy us. we can't let it happen. his republican rival jeb bush tweeted donald trump is unhunged. some muslim in boston say he's playing right into the hands of isis which wants america divided. it goes against our value as
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i'm glad to see that leader all across the aisle are calling him out. governor waker is one of them. there are dangerous terrorist who follow islam. i think the noegs that translates into no muslim should be allowed in the united states is simply ridiculous. >> earlier after a hanukkah celebration. >> he read the statement and noted boston is the cradle of american freedom. >> i can't believe that i'm reading this which is basically directly in contrast and in conflict with most of the most important values the people in this country hold most deer. and trump's rival on the democratic side hillary clinton the former secretary of state calls trump's comments reprehensible. prejudice and devisive. live in rocksbury. jonathan hall; 7news "today in new england."
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trump has 33% support followed by senator ted cruzed a 20%. ben carson at 16%. and senator marco rubio at 11%. both trump and cruise with all while carson has fallen since last months polls. we learn new details in the california terror attack. the fbi now said that the couple was radicalized for a while now. we get a look at the couple and some of the information and images of them. officials say that had may held theically methodically prepared for this. the most recent practice was days before the shooting took place. officials have also disclosed that coworker at the county health department underwent active shooting train. >> they did that in the same exact conference room where he and his wife opened fire later killing 14 people and injuring 21. it's not clear whether he
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we've discovered new detail on the explosive found. officials say 19 pipes were recovered though not all of them may have been working pipe bomb. .22 caliber rifle was also found. the fbi is coming through the clues trying to figure out whether they got help from extremist or if they acted alone. hapning today the mbta will hold a public meeting about new policy on how fare hikes are determined in the future. they plan to announce any proposed fare changes by early next month. the board will vote on them in february. several board members say they want to change there's paced on income which could mean discount for low income while others would pay more. so much more to come on p news "today in new england marking the jewish day of hanukkah. >> for today a lot of cloud and
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>> following some breaking news at 9:14. the defense has rested their case and won't call the teen's mother to the stand after all. prosecutors are now calling their final rebuttal witnesses. the jury is expected to get that case by the end of the week. we've been following that very closely and we'll continue to. >>meteorologist: good morning. much cooler through the day with a lot of cloud. light rain in buzzard bay on to the cape. overall the pattern we are in does remain mild. occasionally within a mild pattern you can run into a chilly day.
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plymouth, 46, orange, 35. out on the cape and island upper 40s. we have north wind all over southern new england. that north wind will be with us the entire day. it will not be damaging wind but wind speeds ten to 15 miles per hour. certainly making it feel cooler than it is. these are windchills that feels three 30s. with a cloudy sky and close call. this is not that far away. this big batch of rain to the south. and for the most part it stays to the south. in fact, right here along the south coast and cape you are on the northern edge, band of rain. once you move north of 44, a lot of clouds then a spot showers or sprinkles. i think that's the case for the morning. and the first part of the afternoon. maybe a sprinkle around metro boston. otherwise dry with a lot of clouds. the greatest chance of rain drops where they are happening now and that will be the case up until about noon, 12:00 or 1:00 or so.
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skies. chilly with temps between 41 and 46. the city this afternoon at 43. frame ingham at 42. out on the cape mid 40s. the amount of rainfall on the way toward the cape and island. third of an inch of rain or less. evening. then partly cloudy skies. lows upper 20s to around 30. skies. seasonal temps should be reaching the middle 40s i think tomorrow, 45, 47. normal high is 44. look what happened mild pattern comes right back. on thursday the numbers jump into the middle and upper 50s. and even warmer on friday. upper 50s. here's why jet stream looks like this. again el nino winter have warm air in the month of december. then as you work through december and more so to the second half of winter, january, february, march you tap into the colder air from canada.
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happening the next six to ten days. 7 on 7 forecast. a few sprinkles likely thursday morning. a bunch of clouds throughout the afternoon. friday mix of clouds and sunshine. upper 50s, saturday partly to mostly sunny sky. sunday that 57. that might be conservative. if you see more sun temperatures on sunday could jump into the low 60s. thank you, jeremy. state officials celebrated the second day of hanukkah. charlie baker attended a menorah lighting. after the concert he joined state leader to light the giant 18-foot massachusetts may enorah. >> this cat has new legs. walking on two rare prosthetics that have replaced his damaged hind legs. he's a 3-year-old cat up and walking shortly after the procedure was complete.
9:18 am
vincent will eventually normal sized prosthetic legs again. >> modern technology. ahead the hidden kennedy daughter how a life lived out of the public eye ultimately changed one of america's most well-known family. we have the results this young lady's competition there. battling the feel. did jadiann take the type prize in this aquarium challenge or a
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to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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zakim, welcome back, everyone. she's called the hidden kennedy daughter. rosemary was the third daughter. she lived a different life than her high-profile siblings and helped them change the way other think about people with disabilities. >> the young man in the case is brother jack. that's one of the few times the world heard from rosemary but the kennedy siblings here would change the way the world thought about people with disabilities. >> so much of it began because of women in my family who had very little intellectual capacity compared to the rest but had hidden secret gift that
9:22 am
rosemary was born at home. >> rose was ready to deliver the rosemary. the nurse held the baby back and that deprived her of oxygen. and so we link her intellectual disabilities to that moment. kate clifford lawson wrote rosemary the hidden daughter. she attended special schools but always travelled with the family. with her father become ambassador to england they all moved to london. this was really the best time of rose is mary lives. she was sent to another convent school and she would sneak out at night in washington, d.c. and they wouldn't know where she was. this frightened the family. joe decided that he needed to do something about it quickly. the decision rosemary would have labotomy operation on the brain
9:23 am
she had to learn to walk and talk and move. function afterwards because she couldn't do anything. it went terribly wrong. >> her parent sent her to live with nuns in rosemary. her brother jack did visit. when he was campaigning for president he went to white house visit and made a secret visit to his sister and that was the first person to see her. >> eventually rosemary sister took over for her care. urging the brother her president for action. forced for the administration to pass legislation for families and individuals with disabilities. she went on to found the special olympics. >> rosemary nephew carrying on her legacy created bust buddies to create opportunities for people with disabilities >> people with disabilities matter and count. >> they can participate in a
9:24 am
you never know where the inspiration will come from and what will move the needle. she moved the needle in a pick way. >> she died in wisconsin in 2005. she's 82 years old. >> in spite of the tragedy that happened to rosemary. her legacy is this powerful accommodation and world that we live in now for people with disabilities. >> i've had the opportunity to ride in the best buddy challenge myself. it's an annual bike ride involving thousands of riders. anthony shrive said it's important it take place there. close to places where rosemary together. in the newsroom. i'm christa delcamp. 7news." that's a new story. didn't know a lot about rosemary. >> love that crissa did that story. speaking of eye opening. the results are in from who did it better.
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find out if she pulled off another big win at the aquarium. how a dog sense of smell likely saved his owner's home. [barks] are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked!
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life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together. >> it's that time of the week where we reveal the big winner. this time this young lady jadiann went up against deon lewis. we headed to the new england aquarium for this challenge. really cool time, too. the challenge was to get two mammals to show off their tricks. >> the two mammals.
9:28 am
thanks for the clarification. she has fur. is that how you tell them apart? >> i'm guessing. the new england aquarium and asked them. drumroll, place. jadiann wins. 58 wins. that will make the play offs in some sports >> i needed a win after last week. i was having rough time. that was really cool. i was listening to the impersonation in the commercial. >> let's not talk about that one. up next, no more awkward tv. you will see my highly anticipated match-up against celtics point guard isiah thomas. >> we usually do a challenge that are equally matched; right? we are talking part in a classic blueman group routine. this one how have to dig deep for your inner child. you see what i mean when i do is challenge. i look for blue paint in the hair. there was a lot of paint involved.
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half hour of 7news "today in new england." red sox making some big moves. find out who is headed out west >> for today a lot of cloud and rain on the cape. forecast up next. concerns that chipotle's i finally did it! ew, you did it all right. let sparkle paper towels clean it up. do the math - and you'll see sparkle costs less. plus it's perfect for cleaning spills...
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several boston college student get sick. they try to figure out if west. >> burning body found under a bridge police try to figure out what happened here. >> and the tiny horse is hit by a bullet now the owner is looking for help to save it.
9:32 am
on this tuesday morning. >> hi. >> i was wading for you to say jadiann. >> i'm kris anderson. the big breaking story it feels like december for a change. we've been spoiled. right now boston at 41. worcester 35. fitchburg 37. out on cape and island upper 40. there's wind from the north chilly wind. even in the month of july northeast wind from the gulf of maine tough to warm up on that wind direction. that's the case today. the wind adding a chill to the air. it feels like 36 in town. bedford feels like 32. provincetown feels like 40. the reason for the wind a storm to our south just to the south of new england close enough where we are going to see a little bit of light rain up through buzzard's bay into portions southeast mass to route 44 north of there a lot of cloud and sprinkles and a spot shower on taunton. nothing significant. you will on and off light rain.
9:33 am
and then for the rest of us the risk of sprinkle. chilly raw day. temps in the lower 40s this afternoon. thank you, j.r. now developing dozens of student get sick in local restaurant may be to blame. 28 boston college kid all ill after eating at the cleveland circle chipotle. welcome back, everyone the morning. boston college is one of the groups who notified the state department of public health and now the big question is this recent illness outbreak related to the national outbreak of e-coli at the chipotle chain. victoria warren has the latest. jones has their six points. there's a exit three. and it's good. boston college basketball player sidelined. some of them like couldn't get out of bed today. 30 student including several basketball player are sick. boston college said they all ate at chipotle and the number could go higher. >> one of my roommates is health
9:34 am
>> chipotle in cleveland circle closed the door and they went to work closing thing doungs down. so far 52 people in nine state have been effected. massachusetts isn't one of them. when we heard it was oregon, california, washington such a large outbreak it's going to come this way no matter what. at this point they can say if e-coli is to blame. chipotle put out a statement we don't have evidence to suggest that this incident is related to the priest e-coli incident. there are no confirmed cases of e-coli connected to e-coli. we been helping them out, checking in. there's no word on when the restaurant may reopen. the realth department is continuing its investigation. they want to see if there are any additional cases and if there are in cases that are not
9:35 am
in brighton, victoria warren, 7news "today in new england." turning to latest comment made by donald trump. he wants to ban muslims from entering the united states. his idea is drawing anger and outrage even from fellow republicans. jonathan hall has more on this story. >> that's right charlie baker and other politicians are speaking out about the latest staement. he read to crowd of cheering supporter in south carolina. >> i call for complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> the g.o.p. front-runner wrote the statement after president
9:36 am
reject religious. trump campaign said shutdown include tourist, people from travelling for business even muslim american whose might be out of the country. i spoke a short time ago with the executive director of the islamic society of boston. he's playing on people's fears. he's speaking to divide us. >> jeb bush tweeted jeb bush is unhunged and has policy proposals. marco rubio disagrees with proposal. democratic front-runner said quote this the reprehensible. prejudice and devisive. she told the donald you don't get it. this makes us less safe. trump has also said he would consider shutting down mobs like this one.
9:37 am
thank you, jonathan. we're following more news today. investigator try to figure out what sparked this fire that destroyed a landscaping business in stirbridge. police searching for the gunmen who they say shot a horse miniature horse. he was on owner property on main street when struck by a bullet. veterinarians are trying to find a prosthetic leg to replace his injured one to avoid putting him to sleep. >> the option to put him down. he can't survive on three legs. that's not right for him if he will not heal right which we don't want to do. he's only two. he has so much left to give. hunting does go on near the property. hunter are supposed to stay 500 feet back. >> also this morning a cruel
9:38 am
the investigation stretching down into connecticut where officers found the remains of five bodies in a man's apartment. prosecutors are revealing now why they believe this man stole those remains. dan hausle has more from worcester on what prosecutors said in court. did you hear them understand the right. this man told them he is santaria priest and stole bones to use in ritual cult healing ceremony. they found the vault opened up. the remain of three adult and two children gone. city worker cleaned up the mess. >> it's uncalled for, i think. i don't know. investigator think that the crypt had been broken into earlier because the chain had
9:39 am
they were cut and put back together to cover. tipster told them he has human remains in hartford, connecticut apartment. madina happily showed them the skettons explaining he used it for rituals. >> disturbing the dead is worst thing in the world. it's one thing that's off limits grave stones and anything like that. that's about the lowest thing you can do. city officials who operate the cemetery said they couldn't find living relatives to notify. investigator say it's too early to say when the remains once resting here will be returned. dan hausle, 7news "today in new england." a dog's sense of smell saving the day for family in jamaica plains. their dog was whining. they took her outside and soon realized that they smelled gas.
9:40 am
caused by electrical short. the family said it was izzi's fire. she doesn't shift around or anything. this morning she was just constantly whining. so something was up with her. we are glad about that. the building manager said they will take time to fix that electrical problem. and now to new development in the deflate gate scandal. tom brady and the player's union now filing paperwork in response to nfl's appeal of deflate gate penalty. joe amorosino has the details. >> deflate gate the last thing on tom brady's mind after suffering back-to-back losses for the first time in over three years. the nfl firing back on brady's behalf issuing a 63-page response. lead attorney and company intent on proving that judge richard
9:41 am
overturning goodell four game quarterback. no player had received a suspension for football tampering or failing to investigation. the nfl repeatedly provides notice that first offenses will result in fines. specific fine amounts have been collectively bargained with the pa. goodell ignored the penalty anding precedented for equipment violation. appeal contains many of the same argument already heard in court and concludes that quote judicial deference is not equivalent to runner stamp. by declining to discuss the applicable collectively bargained penalty in favor of his own brand of industrial justice.
9:42 am
new england." the nfl has until december 21st to reply. the appeal hearing set for march 3rd in new york a month after the super bowl. for the second time in less than a month another video has been release that shows a deadly chicago police shooting. prosecutors say they are not charging the officer who shot 25-year-old ronald johnson in the back as he ran from police last year. they say this enhanced dash cam video show.9 millimeter handgun in johnson's right hand. police said they recovered a gun. this comes on the same day that the justice department launched an investigation into the force. just a week ago the city released dash cam video of another shooting involving an officer this time shooting a man 16 times and killing him. a contradicts police report that officer. the officer is pleaded not guilty to a murder charge. school bruce driver in colorado faces charge after the bus that she was driving rolled over. police believe the driver was
9:43 am
8 student were onboard when the bus veered off of the road and flipped on to its side. two of the students were seriously injured. >> still ahead jon stewart returns to familiar ground the "daily show." see what he is fired up about. we head to ice in 7 sport. can the bruins snap the 8-point streak >> no snow or ice in the forecast.
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>> two manages mast women coming together to send a holiday overseas. lauren and her brother in the military as well as emily spencer they wanted to send out 300,000 holiday cards to men and women serving overseas. the women were doing it on their own. when they met it made sense to start together. a little bit later i met lauren. and we lived so close to each other we figure why not join forces and do this together. it's about the troops. it's about what they are sacrificing. it's not just about making a card. it's about learning about the
9:47 am
for me that's probably -- cards. they have more cards to go because they want to reach that goal and make sure they get them all out. it's pretty cool. that's very sweet. i thought my list was big. it's only a couple of dozen. good for them. all right. j.r. i don't know if you made out the holiday cards >> good day to do that. a lot of clouds, cool and raw. with temperature in the 40s. it's actually where we should be for the time of year. we been spoiled with mild pattern. that will hold for another week. perhaps week and a half. the city this time 41. bedford 38. orange, 35. south of town middle and upper 40s. hyannis at 47. there's some wind out there. it's not overwhelming. it's persistent and chilly and raw with the north wind between ten and 15 miles per hour. making it feel like the lower 30s. the rean for the north wind we have a storm south of new england and that essentially will stay to the south.
9:48 am
northern edge of this little rainstorm here. that's working across the cape. if it advances north it get chewed up by drier air. the different between the h and l setting up the wind. high does win out for boston. there's a lot of cloud and maybe the occasional spring until this lighter green. as you work deeper into the south coast buzzard's bay. for a short time this morning first part of this afternoon. even in this location the rain starts to peel out throughout the afternoon. a lot of clouds throughout the afternoon. numbers between 41 and 46. the city 43. patchy light rain and sprinkles this morning. clouds this afternoon. north of town a few peeks of sunshine. lower 40s. drakette around 41. worcester hills a glimpse or two
9:49 am
jaffrey, 40. worcester, 41. >> rain this morning as well as the first part of the afternoon even in those locations starts to roll down. chathem cool and raw. the amount of rain a third of an inch of rain or less. tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. toward the cape it will be low-to-middle 30s. through the day tomorrow mostly cloudy. testimonies tomorrow in mid-to-upper 40. all the orange squares in the month of decemberer indicating a warm day. today will probably finish pretty close to normal. overall the pattern will stay mild i think through the middle of the month. 7 on 7 forecast thursday starts to warm up. a lot of clouds. few sprinkles thursday. look at friday and the weekend upper 50s to around 60. make it through today. it gets better toward the end of the week. all about perspective; right? >> all next in 7 support celtics wrapping up a five-game road
9:50 am
highlights are coming up. coming up in "the buzz."
9:51 am
>> good morning. the bruins back at the garden after taking a point in each of there's previous eight games. if they could just get their home record up above 500 they would be in great shape. bees and predators tide at one in the first period. game tide at two. five minutes to go in the game. vickor arboson races to loose puck. the bruins fall 3-2 snapping their 8-game point streak.
9:52 am
five-game road trip visiting anthony davis and the pelicans. they close out the first half strong. isiah thomas will drill a three to cap off a 13-2 run. celtics up 53-44 at half time. another big run extending the lead in the third quarter. kicked it over to avery bradley. part of a 15-2 celtics roll 111-93. trading lefty wade miley for set upman carson smith who had 2.32 era and 92 strike outs last season. the sox also get a back of the rotation starter. baseball winter meeting run through thursday. it's possible they may trade away another starter before the end of the week. that's sports. i'm joe amorosino, have a great day.
9:53 am
for baseball season. the bus is up next. is jon stewart taking back "the daily show." breezy and chilly throughout the day. one last look at the forecast, up next. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
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>> in the buzz now a special guest on the daily show last night. special guest was former host jon stewart. he stopped be with an important message. he talked about a healthcare act. october. the rest expires by next october. he calls on congress to renew the act. last night he did treat a little scare for the new host. >> i'm sorry, sir. are you lost? >> no. it's me.
9:56 am
are you going to take the show back? >> i heard about this in american tv. no. it's not about. trust me. trust me. a thousand times no. stewart hosted the daily show for more than 15 year before giving it up to trevor noah in august. fair question. >> definitely is. eagles of death metal taking the stage just weeks after terrorist attack their concert performance. u 2 lead singer said the attack by isis robbed the california rock band of their stage. so u2 stepping aside to let them finish their performance. let's get over to j.r. and talk about the forecast >> right now boston at fort. plymouth 45. wore worcester hill. nor wind as you approach boston and the south coast because you are closer to a storm with a lot of clouds. that wind adding chill to the
9:57 am
feels like 33 in town. periods of rain. boston a lot of clouds through the day. thanks so much. there's more "today show" straight ahead. thanks for watching.
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